Balancing the claim process for the benefit of the insured

“I am part of a very large worldwide family of Pastors for the Pentecostal church. My father and Grandfather are world renown for their pastoring efforts in our church community.

When Hurricane Ike hit Houston in 2007, I began receiving frantic calls from fellow Pastors in the Houston area who had been hit hard by the storm and their churches were damaged beyond use.

I knew you and your work as a Public Adjuster in California. I contacted you for advice and assistance.

We went to Houston together and ended up handling 11 churches, several businesses, and many homes for Pastors, church members, and acquaintances. We helped many people through a very traumatic and devastating storm.

On behalf of the Pentecostal community of Pastors and Congregation we want to thank you for your dedication to your profession as a Public Adjuster.

I wanted to take care of my “family” and you did everything you could in your power and field of work to return these churches, Pastors, and families and businesses to become whole again.

As a representative of all, and speaking for a community, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”