Balancing the claim process for the benefit of the insured

“Want to take a moment and thank you for your excellent work done as my Public Adjuster for my Duplex that suffered so much damage from my tenants fire.

I have had rental properties for many years and have never had a fire before, so when it happened and I arrived at the fire, I was shocked to find so many people chasing me around to try to get me to hire them.

The next morning I received a very polite phone call from you in which you offered to take the time to meet with me to explain my options with my insurance claim.

We met that afternoon and you explained in detail how I could benefit from you as a Public Adjuster, and it made sense. I never felt like you were “selling” me something. I was very comfortable with my decision to have you represent me.

From that point on you did your work behind the scenes and I was able to resume my day to day work and life, without having to deal in an area I knew nothing about, an insurance company after a fire.

You helped me select the best contractor for my job and he was a perfect fit. You two worked closely together and I now have two completely restored and new units. The work is immaculate.

During the whole process, you kept me fully informed, got me the rents I was losing, and got enough of a settlement that I was able to improve the condition and quality of my duplex.”

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