Balancing the claim process for the benefit of the insured

“I wish to thank you for being my much needed Public Adjuster for the explosion and house fire that so badly damaged our home early one evening.

We are a Russian/Armenian family. My wife is an investigator for Homeland Security in Los Angeles. Needless to say, when one of our cars exploded in front of our garage and caught our house on fire, we thought the worst, and became very suspicious of strangers in front of our burned house. You were one of those strangers.

You presented us with an option of having you as our Public Adjuster and what you said made sense. After several house of debate as a family and even a security check of you through Homeland Security, we selected you as our Public Adjusters.

You took very good care of us. You were honest and always told us the truth even when it wasn’t good news. We always knew the status of things.

As we know, my problems began when we hired the contractor. We had many, many problems and I was always able to get you to help with getting the problems with the contractor resolved.

In the end, everything worked out in our favor and we owe that to you and your dedication to us beyond being our Public Adjuster. You became a good friend.”

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