Balancing the claim process for the benefit of the insured

“It was very traumatic to come home after a relaxing weekend out of town to find our home broken into, ransacked, and many of our valuables missing and stolen.

The real trauma began for us trying to deal with our insurance company. We were instantly put into the “suspect” category. We knew we were in for a battle we would have a hard time winning.

I found you both through research as an alternative to dealing directly with an insurance claim alone. We, as I am sure most people, had never heard of a “Public Adjuster”.

After a great deal of intrusion into our personal life and our finances by the insurance company, you guided us through a process, ending up in a favorable conclusion of a positive settlement.

Thank you both for your guidance, work ethic, perseverance, and friendship.

Everyone should have a Public Adjuster, and anyone who doubts your value, have them call us.”

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